Vikings Season 4 Midseason To Witness Numerous Deaths, Which Fan Favorite Will Die? Let’s See

While the story wasn’t taken any further from that moment, the fans were sure that the wound was on the shoulder and couldn’t jeopardize her life. Keeping all this in mind, fans will also realize that the character has a stagnant story arc. There is nothing much happening to the Earl of Hedeby and killing her off will not make anything difficult from the perspective of the story of Vikings.

As Den of Geek reported, Vikings Season 4 has started heading towards unabashed blood bath and violence. The entry of King Harald and his brother Hafdan has brought with it complete destruction and violence. There is rampant butchery under these two and the viewers realize that this was what comprised life during that time, something that Michael Hirst had kept hidden from his viewers.

On the other hand in Vikings Season 4, King Ecbert has been crowned the king of Mercia and Wessex. History says that King Aelle, who had caused Ragnar’s death, wasn’t very happy with the decision to divide Mercia. He wanted Mercia to be divided between the kingdom of King Ecbert and his, but that never took place. He has been vocal about it to King Ecbert, but Master Herald has reported that King Aellemight be planning something behind his back.

Michael Hirst has confirmed that Vikings will continue without Ragnar in it since there is a lot of story left to explore with regard to his sons. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Vikings Season 4.