Vikings Season 4 Midseason To Witness Numerous Deaths, Which Fan Favorite Will Die? Let’s See

Even before Vikings Season 4 had started, fans knew that it would be the season that saw Ragnar Lothbrok die. While the fans were prepared for the inevitable, they didn’t expect there to be so many deaths in Vikings Season 4. The midseason is fast approaching and the trailer has shown that there will be a blood bath that will leave some of the fan favorites from Vikings Season 4, dead.

Inquisitr has reported that the episode 10 of Vikings Season 4, titled The Last Ship, is going to see the brothers Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen) fighting to their death. The teaser doesn’t just stop there. It hints at a few other fan favorites ending up dead. While everyone knows that according to the pages of history, Ragnar doesn’t die in battle, he might be killed off if the showrunners decide to change the story of Vikings Season 4.

Ragnar has been hooked to a betel nut addiction by Yidu (Dianne Doan) and he has also been defeated by Rollo in the second battle of Paris. However, there seems to be a glimmer of the old Ragnar that fans are so used to seeing. He is trying to give up his addiction and has come up with a brilliant plan to defeat the Parisian army.

Rollo on the other hand has become a tough contender. According to history, Rollo goes on to become the Duke of Normandy and since that hasn’t been explored yet, there might be a chance that he will not be killed off. However, his wife Gisla (Morgane Polanski) has announced her pregnancy and since Rollo has an heir, there is a chance that the showrunners might kill him off to shift focus to Ragnar.

However, the teaser of Vikings shows Ragnar saying that only one of them will come out of the battle alive, to which Rollo very confidently says that it is definitely not going to be Ragnar. Ragnar is suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of the betel nuts and he is already weakened from the last Paris attack. In such a situation, the upcoming battle might just push him towards the death bed.

There were rumors that suggested that the Vikings Season 4 will go through a time jump. Alexander Ludwig had first given rise to these speculations when he shared a photo of his character, Bjorn, with makeup that indicated that he had aged. With Ragnar getting killed sometime soon, the focus will shift on Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn and King Alfred, the son of Athelstan.

Floki appears to be another person who might be set to die in the midseason finale of Vikings Season 4. He had already been given a death sentence by Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), but he was rescued by Ragnar.

The new trailer shows that Floki is being stabbed by a Frankish soldier and there is a chance that he will pay for the murder of Athelstan by having his life taken away in the battle.

Lagertha had grown to be a very powerful character in the current season of Vikings. The teaser for the new series had already hinted at the fact that Lagertha might die in the fourth season. She had said that she will either die honorably or will stick around. The last episode saw Lagertha being stabbed on the shoulder by a soldier.