Jeremy Lin Touched By The Concern Of His Fans, Talks About Discrimination, New York Knicks Likely To Take Him Back!

Jeremy Lin is a popular player in the NBA, but in spite of being one of the best in the sport, he has revealed that he has faced a lot of racial discrimination during the course of his career. Lin who is now a part of the Charlotte Hornets, is the only Taiwanese or Chinese player in the NBA and he has faced the discrimination that usually befalls people of an Asian descent.

However, Jeremy Lin has never paid much heed to the discriminations that he has witnessed. He says that he shrugs them off and ignores them to continue doing what he does best, i.e., playing basket-ball.

Jeremy Lin has openly talked about racism. He said that it wasn’t just the Asian American community who bears the brunt of it. He said that there are different minority groups that go through the experience. He added that given his unique platform, he has a place where he can say things and stand up against it to bring about a change.

Recently a fan of Jeremy Lin, Hsiu-Chen Kuei spoke up about the NBA referees not questioning the technical fouls on players who are very violent. He said that Jeremy Lin is in constant risk of a serious injury since he is unnecessarily and aggressively hit on the neck ad face by other players.

According to Christian Today, Lin was touched by the concern shown by the fan. He said that initially he thought that people should just see him for the basketball player that he is, but as he is getting older, he is noticing the importance of the opportunity that he has been given. He said that he now has a clear picture about the view that Asian Americans and Asians have in America.

The NBA has taken heed of the concern that fans have about the excessive hard contact that Jeremy Lin has been subjected to. They said that they have reviewed the database that is in their display and haven’t found any data that suggests that Jeremy Lin has ever been subjected to the disadvantages created by the mistake of the officiating staff in the game.

NBA has come out to claim that the referees in the game stick to a set of criteria that has been provided by the league office. It clearly mentions what is a foul and what is a flagrant and that is how they officiate.

Each decision that the referee makes during the course of the game is reviewed by the NBA Basketball Operations. They use multiple video angles and enhancement to calibrate the judgments that are made during the course of a game.

There are reports suggesting that the New York Knicks might be eyeing Jeremy Lin for their summer line up. Jeremy Lin had previously been a part of New York Knicks, when he was transferred to Charlotte Hornets. However, after a failed season, the Knicks look like they are planning to bolster their line up for the coming season and want Lin to be a part of it.

David Lee is the other player that they are looking at. There are several other names in their free agency radar and it is time that the names are revealed. The Knicks didn’t want Jeremy Lin in their team last summer, but their need for a point guard is high this season and this makes it clear that they will have their eyes on Jeremy Lin, who would love to go back to New York.