Clint Eastwood Could Be Replacing Paul Walker’s Brian O’ Connor in Fast And Furious 8!

Fans were left in tears after watching the emotionally charged Fast and Furious 7. Most of the fans were really broken up about Paul Walker’s tragic death in a car accident which took place in 2013 November.

From the looks of it, the upcoming film in the franchise will follow in the heels of the previous edition and from the looks of it, this is what the latest Fast and Furious 8 poster shared by Vin Diesel himself has revealed.

You can be sure of the fact that Walker’s absence will definitely be felt since we can see Diesel staring at an empty road, completely lost in thought, in the new poster he shared on Facebook. Fans witnessed a sad Dominic Toretto looking down an empty road while the poster read, ‘’New Roads ahead”. The movie will release on 14th April, 2017.

Paul Walker’s death was extremely tragic and it left a gaping hole in the Fast and Furious franchise. As a result, fans are quite curious about the actor who will replace him in the next Fast and Furious movie. Scott Eastwood, the son of legendary actor Clint Eastwood was recently invited to the franchise and from the looks of it; he will most likely be the replacement for Paul Walker’s role as Brian O’ Connor.

According to Digital Spy, Eastwood’s character will be working with Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody and he will assign a new mission to Dominic and his crew. Reports indicate that the upcoming sequel will come with some excellent action scenes on the city of New York.

After joining the Fast and Furious team, Eastwood has been pretty excited and he further termed the franchise as a legacy. He said in Instagram that it was hard for him to express how excited he is for the upcoming movie and furthermore, the series is more than a franchise to him, it is in fact a legacy.

He said, “These great actors who have been in it together for so long have become a family. I absolutely can’t wait to join it. Now I can’t say too much, but I get to play a new character who operates under Kurt Russell in the movie, which is incredible because Kurt was a total childhood hero of mine growing up.”

He further said that he was very interested to learn quite a few things from such a cool and original guy.

He revealed that Paul Walker was a close friend of his. Eastwood said, ‘”We surfed together, traveled together, and he was a huge role model and influencing figure in my life when I was younger. He still is. He was an older brother to me. For me to be able to add to the F&F story, Paul’s story and the FAST family are like a dream come true.” Furious 8 will also star the veteran franchise actors including Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges and Eva Mendes.

In other news, Michelle Rodriguez isn’t too happy about Eastwood’s entry into the franchise. Details about Eastwood’s character are pretty scarce and what we know so far is that he will be operating under Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody and there are severe indications of his character replacing Brian O’ Connor.

This rumor wasn’t taken so lightly by Michelle Rodriguez, who plays the role of Letty Ortiz in the Fast and Furious franchise.