Clint Eastwood Could Be Replacing Paul Walker’s Brian O’ Connor in Fast And Furious 8!

According to her, nobody can replace his character in the franchise. She said, “I don’t know about that. Nobody will ever, as long as I live, fill that role. Understand that?”  At the same time, she welcomed Eastwood with open arms and admitted that she was quite happy about him joining the franchise. At the same time, Charlize Theron will be joining the cast as well.

She is clearly upset about the fact that Eastwood may end up replacing Paul Walker’s character in the franchise. Considering the fact that she has been working with Paul in almost all the Fast and Furious films, this is quite understandable.

In fact, it clearly shows how actors get extremely involved with co-actors while making a movie. On top of that, this is a franchise that has been spanning several years and the actors have gotten pretty attached to each other. A mental bond was created and due to that, Michelle wasn’t too happy when there were talks about her co-actor being replaced.

In other news, we should spare a thought for Lucas Black who was in Tokyo Drift as Sean Boswell and he had a brief cameo in Furious 7 as well. If anyone is willing to step up, it certainly is this guy since he signed a three-year movie deal before Walker’s tragic death. At the same time, his role may be somewhat smaller than what was originally planned.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fast and Furious 8!