Vikings Season 4 Has Started Building the Moments to Ragnar’s Death, Floki Seems to Hold Some Secrets, Will Rollo and Gisla’s Marriage Survive? Let’s See

Vikings Season 4 is the last season for Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and the countdown for the end is nearing. He has been reduced to a comatose state after the attack on Paris and is then torn between his duty as a king and as a friend. In his absence, his eldest son, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) has arrested Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard), the ship builder for the murder of Athelstan (George Blagden).

Floki now stands trial for the murder and Ragnar doesn’t know what step he should take next. He has come to the end of his tenure as the king and he has already understood that his men do not see him as a competent enough ruler anymore. He has to make a decision about Floki’s fate and he isn’t being able to make it.

In the previous episode titled Mercy, Athelstan visits Ragnar in a vision and asks him to grant mercy to Floki for the murder. Ragnar, upon getting a message from his Christian friend, readily gets up from his comatose state and frees Floki from his captivity.

Floki has always had some similarity with the trickster god Loki and when he goes to meet the Seer who tells him that it is about time to reveal his true self, the viewers are left wondering if Floki has some special powers that he has hidden from everyone in Kattegat.

In the episode titled Yol, Ragnar pours his heart out to Yidu (Dianne Doan) and tells her that he is caught between wanting to kill himself and those around him. Yidu says that she is a slave and confesses to having similar thoughts in order to escape her situation. International Business Times reports that while Ragnar and Yidu talk, they are watched by Aslaug (Jessica Sutherland) who isn’t very sure about Ragnar’s intentions.

Vikings Season 4 will see Ragnar being killed and according to the pages of history, he is going to die after being thrown into a pit of venomous snakes by King Aelle. The viewers are prepared for the departure of the character, but they had been waiting for all this while since they didn’t know when showrunner Michael Hirst had intended on killing Ragnar off.

However, the countdown to Ragnar’s last breath has begun since the series has brought back Ivan Kaye in his role as King Aelle, the ruler of Northumbria. He is waiting for revenge from Ragnar for having attacked his kingdom in an unprovoked merciless fashion.

Things become grave when King Aelle questions how Queen Kwenthrith’s (Amy Bailey) title is going to affect Magnus, who is her son from Ragnar Lothbrok. King Aelle isn’t going to let his kingdom be ruled by Ragnar’s son and this opens up to the possibilities of future wars.

Vikings Season 4 saw Rollo (Clive Standen) trying to salvage his marriage with Princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski). He knows that if he has to make a mark in the Frankish court, he will need Gisla by his side.

Gisla isn’t very happy with the fact that she has been forced to marry a barbarian like Rollo and has called for the papal contingent to initiate the divorce proceeding.

Rollo gives his all for the very last time and tries to stop her from annulling the marriage. He adopts a Frankish look, which gets nothing, but laughter from Gisla and even puts an effort to learn her tongue and begs her in her language to not divorce him. Gisla appreciates the effort that Rollo takes in order to win her over, but she still very skeptical about what he wants from his new life.