5 Seconds of Summer Performs in Manila, Wants to be Different From One Direction, Band-Mates Are Each Other’s Support System!

5 Seconds of Summer is currently on their second world tour called named Sounds Live Feels Live and they are having a great time. The tour started in Japan and will see the Australian boy band travelling all over South East Asia before heading to Europe, USA, Canada and finally wrap the show in their home country of Australia.

After wrapping up their schedule in Japan, the Boys have now headed to Philippines. The fans were super excited since this would be the first time that the band would be touching down in the country. However, things didn’t start off in the right page since the fans were met with disappoint right after 5 Seconds of Summer touched down in Manila.

Manila Bulletin reported that the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer had been waiting anxiously to greet the boys at the airport, but even after the boys had tweeted after touchdown there was no glimpse of them for hours and then the disappointed fans left when they found out that the boys had headed to their hotel via another route.

The Filipino fans were very excited since Ashton Irwin had tweeted that the whole band is excited to perform in the country since they have been wanting to do it for a very long time. The fans had gathered outside the airport in order to greet and cheer the members of 5 Seconds of Summer after they came out of the airport, but they were only met with disappointment.

The boys were taken through another route since their security personnel didn’t feel that it was advisable for them to go through the road where a huge crowd of fans had been waiting. The boys had no choice, but to go ahead with what was told to them by the security and they knew that they have made their fans miserable.

5 Seconds of Summer is very connected to their fans and they immediately took to the social media to share a video where they informed the fans exactly what happened after they landed in Manila.

They made it very clear that they wanted to meet the fans and apologized for not being able to do so. They assured the fans that they would meet them all at the concert and will make it up for them.

According to Inquisitr, the tickets for the Sounds Live Feels Live concert in Manila had been sold out in one and a half hours since its sale. The Mall of Asia was completely packed with excited, cheering fans and they forgave the boys and let go off their disappointment from the airport the moment 5 Seconds of Summer came on stage and started performing.

The boys definitely know how to make it up to the fans since they informed the audience that they were the best audience they have ever performed for and that was met with a loud cheer.

Sounds Live Feels Live, is the first tour that 5 Seconds of Summer is doing. They had first travelled with One Direction, which gave them their big break. 5 Seconds of Summer is managed by the same team that looked after One Direction.

While the Australian pop-punk band has a fan base that is completely different, they want to move away from the label that they are exactly like One Direction. The band doesn’t like the fact that sometime they are said to have built their reputation by piggyback riding One Direction. Yes, the band came into the picture thanks to One Direction, but ever since then they have worked real hard to carve out their own space in the industry.