US Elections: Russia as Probable Threat, Hilary Clinton Leading the Polls, German Minister Frightened Over State’s Future

As statement ensued by the spokeswoman, she clearly stated how much the idea of Trump winning the U.S elections frightened him, emphasizing on the fact that if people tend to believe in the ideals of Trump, the future of U.S, even the world is not free from a threat.

While polls and public opinions tend to show how the citizens are more inclined towards Clinton’s beliefs and promises, there’s still a possible 14% in favor of Trump, whose ideals are not only disturbing but baseless on some levels too.

While people are questioning the authenticity encircling the electronically enabled voting system, there are campaigns that are being put to action calling for a return to the hand counted paper balloting system as a universal standard for elections to put a halt to probable corruption revolving the election.

Have you set your mind on whom to give the powers and the authorities of your country? Who do you think is suitable for running the country’s legislation as the President? Is it Clinton you are supporting or Trump? Leave us with your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more.