NBC’s Olympics Broadcast Criticized, Simone Biles Wins Hearts, India Enters Men’s Hockey Quarter-Finals After 36 Years

NBC has been struggling with the drop in TRP during the Olympics. They have been able to realize that the primary reason for the decline in viewership is because the viewers have taken to watching live streaming of the sporting event.

There have been a lot of criticism on the way the NBC has been broadcasting the games. They haven’t been showing live action from the Olympics and have instead resorted to airing a delayed tape.

Those living on the East Coast have complained about this since they are only an hour behind the time in Rio unlike those on the West Coast who have to watch everything on a tape delay.

Philadelphia Inquirer reported that NBC’s reason for showing everything in a tape delay is that majority of the people who watch the Olympics aren’t sports fans.

NBC caused an uproar when they said that since more women watch the game than men, they are interested in watching the results instead of the whole event. Hence NBC has been trying to make the Olympics appear like reality shows and mini-series wrapped into one.

This sexist idea for their broadcast of the Olympics hasn’t been accepted by the viewers. However, NBC has decided to stand by their words and say that they have market research to support their claim. While NBC was trying to make amends for their sexist explanations, they found themselves under attack once again.

NBC commentator Al Trautwig said that American gymnast Simone Biles’ parents aren’t her real parents. This was mentioned by him after the athlete won the gold in the Olympics and the tweet was immediately removed, but then there are images of it all over the internet.

This post by the gymnast commentator has seen a lot of backlashes since people have come out to state that the Olympic gymnast had been adopted by her biological grandparents, and they are for her, her real parents and the NBC had no right to make such outrageous comments. Al Trautwig has since then gone on to apologize for the post.

Rio Olympics’ day five saw Simone Biles taking the spectators’ breath away. The young American gymnast is believed to be one of the most talented athletes that the world has ever seen.

She was put into foster care at a young age since her mother was struggling with alcohol and drugs. Her biological grandparents came forward to adopt her when she was five years old.

Rio Olympics is her first appearance at the games, and she has already won two gold medals. Biles has also won the hearts of the audience in the ways she enjoys her performance.

The Rio Olympics saw golf becoming one of the sporting events after 112 years. Justin Rose went on to create history when his tee shot went into the cup that was 189 yards away. This went on to become the first hole-in-one in the history of Olympics.

Talking about his experience, Rose said that he was obviously ecstatic about creating history. He added that it is always cool to be the first one to do something.

If the USA has been creating Olympics records, Great Britain isn’t very far away either. The country went on to create an Olympics record by winning gold for three consecutive times at the men’s team sprint.

They toppled world champions New Zealand to clinch the gold. Hindes, who had been part of the team for London Olympics said that no one had expected them to win gold, and that is what drove them towards it.