US Elections: Russia as Probable Threat, Hilary Clinton Leading the Polls, German Minister Frightened Over State’s Future

Just like how a single decision tends to decide and depict a person’s future, a single vote that is carefully given with a well-thought mind decides a country’s future. While the citizens tend to fail in judging the candidate’s personality correctly, sometimes that resulting in a disastrous turn of a country’s fate.

But what if a country with an atrocious and bitter goal tries to invade the election process of a different country? Well, looks like the tight woven security of the US elections is threatened by the Russian Government who are trying to breach through the security and privacy of the US elections via cybercrimes.

While, simple hacking is a threat to the primary agenda of the election of the United States, the unknown faceless “funders”, often referred to as the “Ghost Corporation” seem to be an even bigger threat to the country’s vital future which solely depends on the candidate that wins.

As clearly stated that foreign nationals or government are clearly restricted from assisting any monetary assistance to the candidates or even the political committees. But, with every strictly amended law, comes along some loopholes.

Even if the amended laws state the restrictions of assistance to the committees or candidates, it exempts the U.S political campaigns from the restriction, making it open for anyone to spend or donate heinous amounts of money on them.

That’s when these “ghost corporations” come into play. When further investigation on these unusual money outlets was done, it was discovered that these organizations are nothing but a name and an address, even that with a completely concealed identity of their funders.

One such certain organization was exposed earlier in this year by the End Citizen United. While the identities and credentials remain confidential and concealed, it was noted that these corporations may not have proper establishments but are capable of transferring millions of dollars of funds for the U.S politics.

Suspicions suggest these corporations as bribes that are enforced via Russian countries to investigate the candidates supporting the pro-Russia agendas by refusing to help the NATO-allies or even visioning Crimea as the Russian territory. The causes and reasoning may be widespread.

While, in Colorado, Arizona, and Massachusetts are threatened most with these crimes due to the weak legislation, California and Montana have had their laws made stricter and since 2010, dark money rate has gradually gone down.

Russia still seems to be a great threat to the forthcoming U.S  elections, where it tends to be suspected that the US political databases might be hacked and information might be stolen which might not seem much but are apparently enough to exploit them to buy influence.

Now when the meddlesome breach of security of the U.S campaigns are well under scrutiny and questions, it’s better to focus on the candidates in whose hands lies the future of a country that important as the United States, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

While with recent popular opinion polls, it has been evident that Hilary Clinton has taken over a massive lead over Donald Trump, and that an average seven-point lead.

And seems like, Trump is on the toll while preaching a possible threat towards Hilary with the emphasis on the Second Amendment and how everyone tend to pick up on his phrases which seemed to incite his followers to openly bear arms against a sitting president.

Leading with a  massive head start, it’s not the polls but a number of high-profile GOP members have also taken to back up for Hilary. National Security figures, former cabinet members of Congress past and present to name a few.

Not just the citizens of U.S but seems like even the German Foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier is frightened with the prospect over viewing the U.S elections, mainly about Trump’s candidature.