Updating Your Samsung Galaxy S4 to Stock Firmware Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, And More Information

Before starting the process, ensure that your device has minimum 80% of charge. If the device shuts down during the installation process due to low battery, it could potentially brick the device. It is mandatory to have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 in order to progress with the installation. After the stock update is installed, the phone needs to be properly unlocked.

After the installation of the stock update, the phone will lose its custom-ROM. After the installation of the official firmware, the phone will no longer remain a rooted version. Keep in mind that this build is only applicable for the LTE version of the international Samsung Galaxy S4. Flashing this ROM on any other device could result in unfavorable circumstances. Day Herald should not be held liable for any damages to your device.

The installation process is quite easy and follows a step by step procedure:

Step-1: In Step 1, you need to download the firmware zip and extract it using any extracting tool.

Step-2: The Odin Zip needs to be extracted.

Step-3: The Galaxy S4 needs to be powered off.

Step-4: You should hold Home, Power and Volume Down buttons together in order to enter into Download mode.

Step-5: After you have ensured the installation of the proper USB drivers on your PC, you need to launch Odin as Administrator. After this connect the device to the PC using Download mode.

Step 6: In Odin, click the AP tab and choose the extracted firmware. The installation will start, take a few minutes to complete and restart automatically. After that, your device will feature the latest stock Lollipop build.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S4!

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  1. I can’t even update my phone. I’ve tried like a 100 times and it says update has been interrupted.

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