Castle Season 7: Murder Mystery Involving A Talk Show, Beckett Faces Dilemma, Season 8 Still Not Confirmed, And More Information

The penultimate episode of Castle Season 7 will draw the viewers into a murder case. With viewers waiting to find out what happens next in Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate (Stana Katic), the creators are going to not things fall into place so easily.

In the episode titled ‘Dead from New York’ will focus on the death of Sid Ross, the creator of a late-night show called Saturday Night Tonight. The episode will deal with the various aspects of a late night talk show.

The drama series will focus on the dark underbelly of the television shows. With the creator of the show dead, it looks like the main suspects are the cast members of his show. There are several spoilers doing the round, which hint at Mickey Franks (Jaleel White) to be the murderer.

The episode synopsis describes Franks as a comedy star of a larger-than-life sketch, who is a little outrageous and has a homicidal tendency. The trailer released by Zap2it shows how he smartly ignores the questions posed by Detective Beckett and her partners at the New York Police Department.

While trying to figure out who could have killed Sid Ross and why, the detectives come across a shocking secret in Ross’s life. Carly Rae Jepsen is likely to be involved in the crime and the episode will deal with her relationship with the creator of the show Saturday Night Tonight, while dealing with the not so perfect life of the television world.

Richard Castle has always been known for quirky charm, but this time it will be Richard Castle who will be star-struck by Carly Rae Jepsen. Richard tries to chat up to her and asks her about a lyric from her hit song Call Me Maybe. Their talk gets interrupted when she has to go on stage to perform and she sings I Really Like You. Richard will be disappointed if she happens to be involved in the murder.