Castle Season 7: Murder Mystery Involving A Talk Show, Beckett Faces Dilemma, Season 8 Still Not Confirmed, And More Information

In the final episode of Castle Season 7 we have Detective Kate Beckett facing a crossroad. The crossroad is likely to come in her career, but it will also have a strong impact on her personal life. Season 7 saw Kate and Castle finally getting. The two have been solving crimes together for over 7 seasons now.

Beckett realizes that despite being a highly successful homicidal detective, she doesn’t have a lot to show when it comes to her personal growth. She is then seen trying to prepare for the Captain’s exam. The creators of Castle told TV Guide in an interview that Beckett is going to make some interesting choices in her career and there’s more to it than just NYPD.

While the season finale of Castle Season 7 will deal with Beckett’s dilemma, it will also explain to the viewers why Richard Castle became a mystery writer. This episode will see Castle revisiting an old horrifying memory from when he was 11 years old.

ABC has not confirmed Castle Season 8. There are speculations that it’s going to be announced in fall with the lineup of other ABC series, fans cannot rest. While Fillion has renewed his contract for another year, Katic who recently got married in Croatia is yet to sign her contract.