Upcoming Episode Of Bones Season 11 Will Place One Of Their Team Members As A Suspect, Expect Some Saroyan Family Drama!

Cam is set to get married to Arastoo (Pej Vahdat), and while she is ecstatic about the upcoming nuptial, she doesn’t want Felicia to help her out, but she is adamant. There is going to be some major sibling rivalry in the upcoming episode and it is going to be fun watching Cam tackle the situation.

After the airing of episode 20 of Bones Season 11 on the 23rd of June, the series is going to take a break during the Independence Day holiday. The network has seen that during holiday seasons, the viewership goes down and hence they will wait it out.

Creator Hart Hanson seems to be working hard on the last and final season of Bones. He said that he already has an ending in his mind, and he hopes that David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel will agree to his plan.

According to Enstarz, Hart could never imagine that Bones Season 11 is currently being aired when they didn’t think that the show will make it through the first season. Hart Hanson revealed that he always had an ending in mind, but it would keep changing.

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