Mass Effect Andromeda Will Focus On ‘Shades of Grey’, Ryder Is the New Protagonist!

All Mass Effect games till now had moral choices involved in them. It seems like this binary system that was used in the last three games, won’t be applied in the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mac Walters, the Mass Effect creative director spoke to GamesRadar. He described the old system where player choices were considered to be good or bad, and there was no middle ground. This was a core part of Shepherd’s identity.

The team behind Andromeda is moving away from such a concept. Mac Walters added that with all the sophistication involved in games and engaging in any form of entertainment, gamers prefer to search for those ‘shades of grey.’ He said that they were looking for more ways in which these shades of grey can be added.

Things will now be less about whether it is wrong or right and more about giving a sense of choice to the people. In Mass Effect’s system, this was a major example, showing the limited nature of such a binary mechanic.

The system was quite limited in the sense that in didn’t really explore the possible consequences of a player’s choice in the Mass Effect world. However, it generated some amazing moments like punching the journalists. However, in one way or other, it was always pushing the player towards an extreme and deleting a lot of the choice element. Therefore, a system which stresses more on the grey areas will be more effective in nature.

This will result in genuine tough decisions on the part of the player. There were lots of choices offered in Life is Strange but it always came down to two particular options. This further generated various questions which hardly ever had right or wrong answers.

The good and bad results arise out of what the gamers choose to do, and this ends up properly influencing the story. Meanwhile, Mass Effect Andromeda has been delayed to 2017.

This means that the game will launch five years after its predecessor. Andromeda will start a new trilogy, telling us a new story while humanity explores the Andromeda Galaxy. The game will also introduce a new protagonist called Ryder.

During EA’s E3 conference, BioWare unveiled the new Mass Effect Andromeda protagonist with a gameplay trailer. The news was revealed on Twitter when Michael Gamble, the Mass Effect Producer tweeted that hello and introduced the name, Ryder. It also included a screenshot of the new protagonist.

Aaron Flynn of BioWare confirmed this report to Eurogamer after the conference in EA. He confirmed that the protagonist revealed was also Ryder’s default female appearance. If you remember correctly, this is not the first time that you have seen Ryder. It was spotted during the initial announcement trailer where the name was written on a couple of dog tags. It was impossible to notice on the first glance.

There isn’t a lot of gameplay showcased in the new E3 trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. Gamers finally witnessed the Tempest. Instead of Mass Effect’s Normandy, you will be using Tempest to explore the galaxy. BioWare has to work really on this game since it is famous for making huge, story-driven games with exquisitely detailed worlds.