Upcoming Episode Of Bones Season 11 Will Place One Of Their Team Members As A Suspect, Expect Some Saroyan Family Drama!

There was an exciting episode of Bones Season 11 last week when the FBI had to investigation the sudden demise of a famous hockey player. Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) was the winner in this episode since he used his knowledge of hockey to arrest the murderer.

The 19th episode of Bones Season 11 had started with a body with a missing head. Although Brennan carries out an extensive investigation of the injuries that the victim has injured, some of which date back to seven years ago, it is very hard to pin down the ID of the victim. When Angela (Michaela Conlin) talks about the demographics match of over 29,000 people, Brennan starts to narrate some of the injuries and the possible time of their occurrence.

While Booth listens to them, he suddenly realizes that the injuries that Brennan is talking about have been sustained by a hockey player and can ID the body to a famous player who goes by the name of Seth Lang. The only way they can find out more about the death of the victim would be the missing headpiece.

Hodgins (T. J Thyne) tries to convince Cam to lease two military drones so that they find the head from the lake. Cam helps them out, and the team at Jeffersonian can scoop up the head and get it to the lab for further investigation.

In the coming week, Bones Season 11 will investigate one of their team members, and things are going to get pretty serious. This will be the third last episode of the season and with only two more episodes left, the drama and intrigue are going to be increased to head towards an interesting Season 11 finale for Bones.

Design & Trend has reported that Bones Season 11 will deal with the death of a billionaire explorer, Henry Charles. He was a popular explorer, and he had gone missing during an expedition to Antarctica. Since he was on a mission, the case becomes a high profile one, and there is a lot of interest in his disappearance and death.

Given that he was found dead in Antarctica, the apparent cause of his death becomes hypothermia, but as shown in the trailer of episode 20 of Bones Season 11, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) claims that Henry Charles hadn’t died of any natural environmental cause.

This apparently makes it evident that Henry Charles was murdered during the expedition he had undertaken ten years ago and puts the entire team that had accompanied him on the mission, suspects in the murder investigation. The viewers will see Dr. Temperance Brennan asking Jefferson’s very own Dr. Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd) to step away from the body under investigation since he is a suspect in the case.

Dr. Clark Edison had been on the same expedition, and this makes him one of the prime suspects. He is asked to take a break while the investigation is on and there is a scene where Booth and Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd) go over to his place to ask him a few questions, but he decides to uphold his right to remain silent and refuses to answer any of their questions.

The upcoming episode, The Stiff in the Cliff is also going to see some family drama when Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) sister arrives to help her out with the wedding preparation. The viewers of Bones are well aware that Cam and Felicia (Rochelle Aytes) do not go along. Felicia is jealous of Cam’s success and has always tried to compete with her.