Upcoming Episode of Arrow Likely to Feature Constantine, Fans Skeptical About Noah Kuttler!

Arrow is high on action sequences these days and IGN reported that the last episode of Arrow was directed by Kevin Tancharoen. The episode was Kevin’s first in Arrow. He has previously worked in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Flash.

Kevin Tancharoen is great when it comes to costumed fighters since he has been dealing with superhero series for a while now and hence he has beautifully crafted the combat sequences in Arrow.

Comic Book has reported that the previous episode of Arrow called Monument Point has a lot of Easter eggs from the world of DC Comics. The names of the places hint at characters and incidents.

Monument Point makes reference to Corto Maltese and Markovia. Corto Maltese was also mentioned in Arrow when Oliver said that Deadshot was operating from the island.

Markovia would be a reference to the Markov Device and the Geo-Force, a superhero who has the power to do geokinesis and is also the prince of the country. He knows members of both the Suicide Squad and Outsiders and members of both have appeared on Arrow.

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