Upcoming Episode of Arrow Likely to Feature Constantine, Fans Skeptical About Noah Kuttler!

The finale of Arrow Season 4 is right around the corner and the fans have already accepted that Arrow aka Oliver (Stephen Amell) isn’t as powerful as Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). If Oliver has to defeat Damien Darhk and put an end to his evil plans, then Team Arrow will need some additional help.

It is being speculated that the person who is likely to come in and provide Oliver with some much-needed help, would be Constantine (Matt Ryan). This news was reported by International Business Times and it states that Constantine is likely to star in the 23rd episode of Arrow.

The last episode showed that Team Arrow had averted some of the attacks that Damien Darhk and HIVE had planned.

They had planned a series of nuclear attacks in different parts of the world. It was Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and her father Noah (Tom Amandes) who stopped all the missiles except one. However, Felicity made sure that she directs the one stray missile towards a less populated town so that the casualty from it would be less.

Damien Darhk might not have been able to see his plan of complete destruction coming to fruition, but he derived a lot of power from the souls of all those who had died in the missile attack and now Oliver is at a loss of how to counter his powers.

Oliver’s arrow and his strength doesn’t stand a chance in front of the dark magic that Damien Darhk is capable of. Oliver requires someone who deals with black magic and this is where the speculations suggest that Constantine is his best bet.

This won’t be the first time that Constantine makes an appearance in Arrow. He is a good friend of Oliver’s and has previously been a part of the series where he was shown restoring the soul of Sara (Caity Lotz).

The official synopsis of the next episode doesn’t mention Constantine. It merely says that while Oliver and Diggle (David Ramsey) try to save Thea (Willa Holland), Curtis (Echo Kellum), Noah and Felicity will try and stop Damien Darhk.

The question that viewers are asking is when Damien Darhk and HIVE have taken control of the world’s arsenal of nuclear warheads, why isn’t the military intervening and stopping them? Why is it that Arrow and his team are the only ones available to avert this situation?

It is true that since the series is called Arrow and Oliver Queen is the superhero here, he has to do the major work. However, the whole backing of the US military forces would have been enough to provide support to Team Arrow to try and eliminate Damien Darhk, and HIVE.

Fans are of the opinion that the current season of Arrow is the best so far and the build-up to the season finale is very interesting. The last episode saw all the major villains in the world of Arrow come in together.

The viewers were initially skeptical about the fact that the inclusion of everyone might ruin the plot, but credit goes to the writers for working things out so smoothly within the one-hour time frame they have for every episode.

Noah Kuttler is one of the most loved villainous masterminds in Arrow. He made a comeback after a long time and fans saw him return at the time when he has entered the bad books of Damien Darhk.

There are some who are still not sure about Noah as an ally of Team Arrow. They feel that he is just exploiting the trust that the team has placed on him. Even though Noah did take a bullet in the end, to protect Felicity, the fans are still not sure about him.