True Detective Season 3 A Possibility, Fans Hope Nic Pizzolatto Can Redeem Himself, And More!

The third season of True Detective hasn’t been announced yet, but the fans are hopeful that the upcoming season is likely to be made since Nic Pizzolatto, who is the creator of the series, has a contract with HBO until 2018.

Even though Nic Pizzolatto is the creator of True Detective, he is likely to be replaced by a showrunner for True Detective Season 3.

Inquisitr reported that Nic Pizzolatto had given HBO three options for the third season of True Detective. He asked them to get a staff of writers or get a showrunner to replace him, or to give him complete freedom to do everything on his own.

No matter which option is picked by HBO, Nick Pizzolatto is going to continue being the executive producer of the series.

True Detective had stunned the viewers in the first season. They had expected something far better in the second season, but were left disappointed.

The second season of True Detective wasn’t up to the mark and the critics as well as the fans were of the opinion that the True Detective Season 2 was confusing and there was no cohesion in the action.

In spite of all the criticism that came his way, HBO wants to continue working with Nic Pizzolatto for True Detective Season 3. Michael Lombardo has called him one of the best writers that the world of television and film has seen and added that he has a lot to offer to the world by way of stories that he has to tell them.

This comment by the president of programming of HBO makes it very clear that HBO is looking forward to True Detective Season 3 and it is only a matter of time before the series is renewed.

Lombardo has stood by the second season, even though there has been a lot of criticisms surrounding it. He said that the TRP was pretty high in spite of all the negative reviews that the show garnered.

The viewers, he said, might not have appreciated the second season as compared to the first one, but he is sure that they are waiting to see what magic Nic Pizzolatto casts in True Detective Season 3.

In the next season, he is going to end up being bolder and braver and that is going to be worth watching. Fans hope that Nic Pizzolatto can redeem himself with True Detective Season 3.

Even though Lombardo stood by the second season, he did accept that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make sure that the mistakes are rectified in True Detective Season 3.

He even went on to state that he is somewhat at fault in the second season tanking, since he had pushed Pizzolatto to finish the story before he was ready.

Lombardo accepted the fact that he was behaving like a network executive when he had dealt with True Detective Season 2. He didn’t realize that the story for the series couldn’t be delivered within a short time and he refused to listen to the show-runner.

He now realizes how difficult it might have been for Nic Pizzolatto to deliver the second season within the short time that HBO had given him.

There are reports suggesting that the main reason for the delay in True Detective Season 3 is that the casting directors are not being able to find any A-list actors who want to be associated with True Detective.

They had seen the show become very popular in the first season, only be met with harsh criticism in the next and they are skeptical about being associated with the series.