Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End delayed to spring 2016 is rumored to get beautiful looking multiplayer maps, and more

Among those listed, the need of a ‘Multiplayer Level Layout Artist’ sounds rather exciting. The person vested with this duty will need to make the multiplayer maps look as brilliant as possible. It feels like the developers are trying to make the multiplayer maps look and feel as meaningful like as the single-player ones. The following responsibilities were posted in the website.

  • The assembly of spectacular looking and gorgeously playable multiplayer maps based on the existing single-player art.
  • The requirement of trouble-shooting levels and maintaining them to stay in memory, design spec, and frame rate.
  • Work in order to rapidly incorporate the existing art assets into the multiplayer level designs.
  • The art assets already present should be used to create additions, refinements, and further multiplayer designs.

Do you think the multiplayer levels will be as good as their single-player counterparts? What are your thoughts on this initiative? Let us know in your comments below!