Get to Work DLC Expansion Will Release In April, 12,000 Years Game Time Recorded For The Sims 4, And More

Recently, EA launched the ‘The Sims 4’ and reports indicate that they will be releasing an expansion pack as well. It will feature the ‘Back to Work’ downloadable content. It will debut next month in North America. With the ‘Back to Work’ DLC, players will be given more choices while they are playing with their favorite Sims. The update in question will be released for PC and MAC version of The Sims 4. The expansion pack comes with a few perks. Players will now be able to monitor their Sims and check out what they are doing, while at work.

There are many gamers who have their Sims following a medical career. Such players will be able to see how their Sims at work while they are saving lives. A new disease mechanic has also been included. It will pose a challenge to users while they try to cure their fellow Sims. In case of would-be detectives, players can check out how their Sims is performing when they try to solve crimes. Players could come across bad Sims, and the new expansion pack will allow you to murder them. This feature certainly adds something interesting to the game but at the same time, induces a level of negativity. For obvious reasons, it depends on the user behind the console, who is hopefully above 18 years of age.

There are many other careers and people choosing them will notice some special features included. Based on rumors and speculations, these are some of the many careers that players can now follow. The DLC expansion pack will be available via digital download or in compact disk form. It will be available on April, 2015. ‘Back to Work’ will be available at $40, which is kind of expensive but hardcore Sims 4 addicts surely won’t mind, especially with the new features in question.

The Sims 4 is probably not the best game ever. However, that hasn’t stopped the Hardcore Sims fans worldwide from logging in more than 12,000 years’ worth of game time. Such is the popularity of the newest iteration in the celebrated life-simulator franchise. The Sims 4 was released back in September last year. Hence, everything starting from woohooing to laughing to virtual death has been carefully recorded and detailed. All of it is present in this handy infographic. Even after six months from its release, the gamers are not displaying any signs of slowing down.