Luke Hemmings Crushes on Actress Jennifer Lawrence and Talks about His Love for All Things Food!

Luke Hemmings the lead vocalist and the guitarist is the most famous member of the Australian boy band 5 Seconds to Summer.  Luke was the first to upload cover songs sung by various artists on YouTube from the account id ‘hemmo1996’.  His first upload on the website was a song named “Please don’t go” by Mike Posner way back in 2011. On December 3, 2011 Michael and Calum came together with Luke and with Ashton joining the trio, 5 Seconds to Summer came into existence. All of them come from Northwest Christian College in Riverstone of South Wales, Australia.

The boys become big time YouTube stars by uploading covers, but they got their break in 2013, when One Direction called them to perform alongside them on their “Take me Home” tour. Subsequently in February 2014 the band released their single “She looks so perfect.” The song was a great success in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and United Kingdom.  In a time span of four months, the boys released their debut album and much to people’s surprise it topped in 11 countries worldwide.

Luke Hemmings has become the face of the band, and whenever the band is mentioned; the young star’s name gets mentioned in connection. He has successfully managed to change his image from a YouTube star to that of a singing star worldwide. He is said to be the new Justin Bieber in the music town. Millions of youngsters all over the world are already fans of 5SOS, and the young boys in the band just help the brand to grow. 5SOSFAM has been nominated as the best fan army in support of “5 Seconds to summer”.

Luke Hemmings has had many rumours under his name. The object of desire of millions of young girls has his eyes set on the ‘Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence. He expressed his desire to be with the actress and does not mind spreading rumours about an alleged link up with Jennifer Lawrence. In an interview with Top of the Pops magazine, Luke has gushed about Jennifer Lawrence and said how he wished for them to be linked together at least, since he doesn’t think the real deal will actually see the light of the day.