Luke Hemmings Crushes on Actress Jennifer Lawrence and Talks about His Love for All Things Food!

As Luke and the band hit the roads for their next tour “Rock out with your socks” they have birthday celebrations along the way.  He tells the media about the songs they sang for their band mate Michael on his 18th birthday bash. Luke has also been sharing amusing facts about attending various concerts. From wearing shoes with holes as an element of luck to having a metal four-leaf clover given by a fan, the guy talks it all out. He accepts to having a lucky Sponge Bob Square pants that he uses every now and then.

Luke is quite a foodie and has said that he loves food so much that he could take his bath in them. He has gone on to say that he would love to take a spaghetti bath- rolling and plunging in spaghetti. He wouldn’t even mind considering taking a jelly bath either as reported by Unreality TV.

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