True Detective Season 2: Shot in Real Locations, Trailer Promises Exciting Events, And More!

Both their wives are raped and they go on a revenge spree. Mal Considine kills the man who raped his wife and goes on to raise his son and Ray Velcoro kills the one who he thinks has raped his wife, only to realise that he was the wrong man.

Ray Velcoro is a corrupt cop whose actions are dictated by the gangster Frank Seymon. In The Big Nowhere, Ellroy also had a corrupt cop working for the mobsters of the city. The issue of homosexuality, where cop Paul Woodrugh tries to deal with his sexuality, is also present in Ellroy’s novel.

This is not all, even the gruesome manner in which the victims are killed in True Detective are similar to the mutilation episodes described in The Big Nowhere. The killers also wear masks in both the book and series.

Loyal fans of True Detective have come out to support Nic Pizzolatto stating that he is only paying homage to the greater writer and is using certain aspects of his book to give life to his series and it is not a case of blind copying. Pizzolatto has himself admitted to being a huge Ellroy fan while talking to

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