True Detective Season 2: Shot in Real Locations, Trailer Promises Exciting Events, And More!

HBOs True Detective had a very promising first season and fans were excited about True Detective Season 2. However, the pace of the episodes this season has put off the viewers a little.

True Detective Season 2 creators seem to have got a hint of the fan criticisms and the shootout at the end of the last episode will surely heighten the pace of things. True Detective Season 2 music director, T Bone Burnett spoke to Entertainment Weekly and he told the fans that exciting things are coming their way.

Burnett said that Lera Lynn has a very important role to play. The mysterious and sassy bar singer has been only crooning songs under Burnett’s tutelage for the last few episodes, but there is more than what meets the eye.

Burnett has hinted that the bar is one of the primary location and Lera Lynn who is supposedly a singer and a guitarist, is not just that. Burnett teased the fans with enough details to get them excited and make them watch the next episodes to find out what’s in store.

Burnett looks after the musical score and he has said that the upcoming episodes of True Detective Season 2 will see a shift in the kind of music being used. Fans have taken this as a hint that the pace of the episodes is set to change.

True Detective Season 2 is borrowing heavily from history. Not just that, the season is also using real life locations. Vinci is based a small town in LA called Vernon, that is known for its notorious lifestyle.

The trailer for the upcoming episode of True Detective Season 2 already seems to be highlighting at the fact that the action is about to start and the fans better sit tight to watch it.

Episode 6 of True Detective Season 2 will be called Church in Ruin and the trailer shows a face-off between former police officer Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and former gangster Frank Seymon (Vince Vaughn).

The two are seated across a small table, facing each other. Frank has his hands on his pocket where he seems to be holding on a gun, while Ray has his hands on the trigger of his. The two are watching the other intensely, waiting for one wrong move to pull the trigger and kill off the other person.

On the other hand, Ani Bezzrides (Rachel McAdams) intends to go undercover and go inside an exclusive hooker party, dressed as one, to find a lead. Being a very exclusive and underground party, she has to be careful not to take either her phone or any other communication device and she is completely on her own with Paul (Taylor Kitsch) and Ray keeping a close look on her.

True Detective took the world by storm with its honest and exciting plot line and the producers decided that a second season would serve them good. However, by the looks of it, things don’t look that good.

A recent post on Reddit has fans speculating about uncanny similarities between HBO’s True Detective written by Nic Pizzolatto and James Ellroy’s LA Quartet. Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere, which was published in 1988 seems to have the most similarities with True Detective.

The users on Reddit have drawn out similarities between the plot of the book and True Detective, bringing out issues of plagiarism against Nic Pizzolatto. The first instance that the fans have highlighted is that the character of Ray Velcoro is the exact copy of Mal Considine in the book.