True Detective Season 2: Lera Lynn and Tim Murphy Opens Up the Second Season, More Details

True Detective Season 2 has been met with a lot of criticism, but all the viewers will agree that the show truly did blow the mind away and the most redeeming factor of the entire show was the character of the country singer Lera Lynn.

There are numerous criticisms about the fragmented parts of True Detective Season 2 not adding up to the whole. However, Nic Pizzolatto did hit the right spot with regard to some of the scenes. The first thing that drew the viewers into the new season was the haunting presence of the unknown country singer Lera Lynn in the first trailer of True Detective Season 2.

The trailer was the first glimpse of the second season of True Detective and it was what set the tone for the rest of the season. The trailer, however, was not liked by the die-hard fans of the series as it saw the theme song of True Detective replaced by the Leonard Cohen T-Bone Burnett song Nevermind.

Lera Lynn recently spoke to Billboard about her role in True Detective Season 2. She opened up about how her life has changed after the stint in Pizzolatto’s series. She opened up about how her life before True Detective was very similar to the dive bar circuit of Rose Bar performance in the series.

She said that her story to success is one of a dream come true. Her manager had been working with T-Bone and had sent him a few of her songs. T-Bone then asked Lera Lynn to come to Nashville. They flew her to Los Angeles where they worked on four songs in two days.

Following this Pizzolatto and Burnett tried to find out a way to create a character for her and also to use her songs as the background score for True Detective Season 2. The moment her song was heard on the show her music career became an instant hit. Lera Lynn told Billboard that people are aware of her music because of the show.

With the season finale of True Detective Season 2 over, there is a lot talk about fans comparing the two seasons of the series. The first problem that the second season faced was the unprecedented success of the first season of True Detective.

The performance and story in both the seasons were very powerful, but in spite of that it is not right for the fans to compare the McConaughey-Harrelson and Farrell and Co. There were critics who said that Nic Pizzolatto doesn’t listen to his critics, but some are of the opinion that he paid too much attention on those comments and somehow lost his magic touch in the second season of True Detective.

In the midst of all the negative reviews there are some instances that stand out in True Detective Season 2. The one scene that shook viewers up was the one with the man in the bird mask who suddenly out of nowhere blasts at Ray (Colin Farrell) with a shotgun.

David Lynch’s touches in True Detective has brought in surrealism to True Detective. This was most clear when Ray has a dream sequence where he converses with his father while there is Conway Twitty being lip-synced on stage somewhere close by.

Nic Pizzolatto is known for creating characters that have a pall of darkness over them and in True Detective he hit the right note with Chad Velcoro (Trevor Larcom). Chad is an awkward red-head whose father has no clue about how to interact with him while his mother feels that he is the mark of her worst moment. Chad is the perfect example of a dysfunctional kid, who gives a glimpse of his dysfunctional parentage.