2017 Jeep Wrangler Will Include Possible Fuel-Saving Features with Rumors Suggesting No Aluminum Body, And More

Till now, nothing has been confirmed about the 2017 Jeep Wrangler. However, you can be sure that Americans are getting ready to buy them faster than you can scream ‘Patriotism’. However, there is some knowledge about the aluminum, aerodynamic and hybrid SUV that the upcoming Wrangler is going to be.

Meanwhile, at Automotive News, Larry P. Vellequette has been collecting different kinds of scoops about this upcoming car. As a result, most of his stories begin with ‘Sources say’; however, some of his information does seem quite logical and plausible at the same time.

Right now, it is being suggested that the production split could allow for an upcoming Wrangler Classic, so as to keep the body styling going. The redesigned Wrangler, will therefore be a 2017 model. Up to now, this remains official.

Chrysler further pointed out that 2015 will be their 75th anniversary and a ‘C’ Segment SUV will be introduced in order to replace the Compass and the Patriot. It is being reported that the new C truck will help in bringing the MPG averages down and in turn, take some weight off Wrangler shoulders.

This further suggests that the FCA won’t need to remove too many Wrangler features that make the iconic car wonderful. Jeep CEO Mike Manley told Car & Driver last year that his company wants to maintain the easy to customize features of the Wrangler and maintain all the knick-knacks which keep the Wrangler a stupendous Off-roading vehicle. Thankfully, the company hasn’t changed its message.

A lot of Wrangler fans have been asking about the vehicle’s development and Manley along with Sergio Marchionne have tried to guardedly comfort them all the time. Everyone is aware that the truck needs to get more fuel efficient but they are all hoping that it maintains its heritage as the iconic Wrangler.

Manley has been further quoted saying that the company wishes to keep the Wrangler on-road dynamics, while improving economy as well as preserving the look. As a result, we wonder how much off-roading capability this vehicle is going to enjoy. However, times are changing and it is necessary for people to accept the newer technologies that are being offered in modern cars.

It has always remained that the new Jeep sucks and the one that is outgoing is the best. Although there have been reports of an aluminum body, the factory retooling costs of switching to aluminum would be quite massive. The aftermarket business which stretches to billions would be severely affected.

Meanwhile, Ford is dealing with certain ‘repair controversies’ and they could come in twice as hard. Further, it remains to be speculated as to how much the existing body panels of a Wrangler are going to weigh.

The Wrangler is basically covered in a few flimsy pieces of sheet metal which only provide so much coverage. Sources right now indicate that aluminum might be off the books.

Neither of these options has been confirmed yet and most people will lean towards the use of steel. In the meantime, Diesel is gradually making its way into mainstream American 4x4s. You will notice it in the the half-ton Ram EcoDiesel, new Titan newly-available diesel Range Rovers, upcoming mini-Duramax in the 2016 Chevy Colorado.

Furthermore, Jeep will issue its own Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. According to Jeep CEO Manley, Diesel has the potential in being the powertrain solution for the Wrangler. There is a huge potential for hybrid powertrains in the future. The initial torque and the crawl ratio are the things that you should notice about the Wrangler.