Thor 3: Thor’s Demise Likely in Phase 3 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the Cause Being Ragnarok, And More

Thor 3 is presently in the pre-production stage but fans are really eager to know all about this upcoming movie, which is the third, and possibly the final installment in the Thor standalone franchise. Actress Jaimie Alexander will be playing Lady Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and she recently spoke about the third installment, which is named, Thor 3: Ragnarok.

She also said that fans should be looking out for clues in the upcoming Marvel movies. Recently, she told Los Angeles Times that Marvel has sprinkled a lot of details through Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America: Civil War will have some new stuff as well.

If the fans really pay attention, there are lots of Easter Eggs and hints that they should look out for. Marvel is really great at interweaving such details through their movies. Alexander further added, “Marvel, I think on purpose, they don’t tell me certain things. Because they know I’ll be like, ‘so here’s what’s gonna happen.’’

However, she declared that Lady Sif will be a primary role in Thor 3 but she can’t reveal any more as she might get shot for that! She declared that the upcoming Captain America movie will have some details on Thor 3: Ragnarok.

This is quite interesting when considering the fact that Thor is not scheduled to make an appearance in this upcoming film. This accurately points at some Asgardian surprise which has been secretly planned out for us. The film could have an end-credits scene which sort of teases the Thor 3 storyline.

Marvel is presently quite tight-lipped with Thor 3 Ragnarok and three actors, beside two directors, have been confirmed. The hype is currently building up as we speak, even though the film is a long time away from being released. Ragnarok’s link to Captain America Civil War has started to emerge and fans are grasping at whatever they can get their hands on.

Before Civil War releases in 2016, it will be difficult to predict who or what the Asgardian God of Thunder will be facing off next. Ragnarok could refer to two significant instances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could refer to the super-villain named Ragnarok who first appears in Civil War or it could refer to the apocalyptic cycle of death and rebirth which is taken from Norse Mythology.

For those haven’t read the comics, Ragnarok is actually a cyborg super-villain clone of Thor created by Tony Stark (Iron Man), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man). This took place during a period of time when Thor was believed to have died in the Asgardian/Ragnarok Apocalypse. He is quite an important character in the Civil War Comic as he is the first to kill one of the anti-registration superheroes, named Goliath (Bill Foster).

This happens during a clash of two factions which causes destruction on both sides and gradually turns the tide of war. In the end, Hercules defeats Ragnarok. Again, it is later revealed that Hank Pym was a Skrull imposter all this time, who planted a reset code within Ragnarok in following an event where Skrull dies.

Civil War will be a major release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which needs to build up the story for setting up Thor 3: Ragnarok. As a result, fans would be delighted to witness the cloned super-villain in Civil War. Even though Chris Hemsworth is not listed to appear in Civil War, this film will most probably follow the path of the apocalyptic event.