Transformers 5 to Be Filmed in Detroit, Michael Bay Not Directing Anymore Films Under the Franchise, And More

Akiva Goldsman has reportedly informed that there is a chance that Unicron and Optimus Prime might get into a fight in Transformers 5. Unicron is one of the worst if guys in the franchise. Design & Trend has informed that he is known to be a Planet Eater. This is because the Unicron eats up the planets and the star as well as space time.

The Unicron behaves as the inter-dimensional dictator and eradicates life while he places himself as the center of the universe. His powers know no bound and he grows more and more powerful with every planet that he sucks up.

The Unicron is known to travel across the universe to end life form and only stops when he gets undying loyalty in exchange. Optimus Prime is one of the sworn enemies of the Unicron and his contact with the Quintessons brings him face to face with Unicron.

Optimus Prime’s battle with Unicron is one of the most popular fights in the Transformers franchise and fans are very excited ever since Akiva Goldsman confirmed that there is a chance of the legendary fight between being featured in Transformers 5.

Transformers 5 is going to have a double plot, one where Optimus Prime will head to space to deal with the Quintessons and stop them from killing the human race and the other will see Ultra Magnus remain on Earth and tackle things here with Cade Yeager (Mark Walhberg).

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