Transformers 5: Akiva Goldsman Joins Michael Bay, Bumblebee Ready For ‘Stand-Alone’ Film, And More

Goldner has also said that they are thinking of developing the brand and extending it to comic books and digital games. Transformers: Age of Extinction, directed by Michael Bay had broken all movie records. It had made a whopping $1.1 bn worldwide. With Michael Bay returning as the director for Transformers 5, the production house is confident that the upcoming movie will also be a huge success.

Fans are speculating about the plot for Transformers 5. The animated series had shown Optimus Prime putting Ultra Magnus on charge over the Autobots who are on Earth, while he goes to meet the Creators.

There are rumors that suggest that Transformers 5 will be set in outer space and on Cybertron, the plant of the peaceful Autobots. Gospel Herald has also reported that the film will introduce Scourge and Cyclonus. They are Decepticons, who have been recycled from dead robots. They were created by Unicron and sent to Earth to destroy the humans.

Earlier this year, Michael Bay had bid adieu to Transformers 5. Reports suggested that his protégé, Jonathan Liebesman would be the new director. However, Paramount soon realized that without Michael Bay’s midas touch, Transformers 5 will never be in the same league as the prequels and they urged him to return as the director.

Michael Bay obliged and now with Akiva Goldsman for company, they are set to create magic.