Trailer for Mr. Robot Season 2 Released, Shows President Barack Obama in A Cameo!

The second season of Mr. Robot will bring in the law enforcement agencies after the government steps in to find the hackers. This will see a new character making an entrance. Grace Gummer is going to be coming in and there are chances that she will encounter Elliot in her endeavor to find out the perpetrators of the cyber crime.

There is a lot of interest on Season 2 of Mr. Robot. While Sam Esmail and his team are ready for the challenge, they are a little nervous. Digital Trends reported that Sam Esmail has revealed that he is afraid that the viewers will hate the show with every episode that they see and will then go on to term the creative team, frauds.

However, he added that the team loves all the attention and are hopeful that the viewers love what they have in store for them.

Mr. Robots has won quite some awards in different categories. The popular series recently got nominated for the SAG award and saw Christian Slater win the award for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes. The show also won the Golden Globe for the Best Drama series- TV.

Viewers can watch Season 1 on Amazon Prime prior to the release of Mr. Robot Season 2.

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