WWE 2K17 to Feature Fan-Created Movesets, Graphics and Character Models to be Overhauled!

Fans of wrestling games have been eagerly waiting for the next iteration of WWE game, which is going to be WWE 2K17. However, the game is yet to receive a specific release date. The latest reports pertaining to the game suggest that it might feature movesets which will be better compared to the movesets of the characters of the previous WWE games.

It has come to light that the developers have reportedly created a special community for the fans through which the latter will be able to provide suggestions and feedbacks to the developers regarding the upcoming game.

Not only that, the developers will also be accepting fan-created contents through the community. Fans have been asked to create their own set of moves for any of the superstars and once done, they will be able to submit it to the developers.

The set of moves will be visible to the other members of the community and they will be able to express their views on them and discuss about them. Members of the community can vote for the movesets that they want to be in the upcoming game. They will also be able to download them, and by doing so, they will also be showing their support for the movesets.

The last date of submission for the movesets is June 30. The developers will take the votes for and the downloads of the movesets into account while considering whether or not they should be incorporated into the game.

It has been stated by 2K that basic movesets like holds and strikes will be better received compared to more complicated moves like finishers and signature moves of any superstar. A number of fans had complained in the past the set of moves that are featured in previous WWE 2K games are not up to the mark.

It looks like the developers are trying to appease the fans by involving them in the move creation process. It will be interesting to see what kind of innovative fan-created moves finally make their way into the upcoming game.

The developers made an announcement regarding the matter which states that they want to work in collaboration with the fans to create some of the best and the most authentic sets of moves for WWE games that will release in the future.

In other news, various reports suggest that a host of WWE superstars will be making their first appearance in a WWE game in WWE 2K17. The list includes the likes of Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Asuka, American Alpha, Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowman and the Divas who for the Four Horsewomen stable.

WWE superstars Bubba Ray Dudley and D Von Dudley have been a part of previous WWE games, however, the duo was not included in a number of iterations of recent WWE games as they had left WWE in the past and went to TNA. In the light of the fact that both of them are back with WWE, chances are high that they will be included in the upcoming game.

The graphics of the game will also reportedly get an overhaul. If rumors are to believed, the graphics of WWE 2K17 will be considerably better than that of the previous WWE games. The character models will be more realistic too.

Reports are coming in that a number of WWE superstars have already been re-scanned for the game. Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, and Dean Ambrose reportedly missed a Smackdown taping to attend the re-scanning process in Los Angeles, California.

Seth Rollins has been missing from the WWE ring for quite some time due to an injury and since he has a lot of free time at the present moment, it is likely that he too will be re-scanned within this time period for WWE 2K17.