Filming for Fast and Furious 8 Has Begun in Cleveland, Production Crew Looking for Good-Looking Nerds!

There are a lot of things you can expect to see in a Fast and Furious movie. You can be certain that there will be lots of explosions, chases, fast cars, crashes and much more. Reports indicate that some of the adrenaline-driven action will be featured in the 216, the CLE and The Land. Filming officially began on Wednesday.

The crew was noticed checking things out in the morning, by Cleveland 19. It seems like Fast and Furious is bringing it all. However, if you head around downtown, keep in mind that you will be hit with all the action since streets are being closed down and buses are being re-routed. Recently, the activity began at 11th and Prospect in the morning and it was merely a bit of preparation for the real excitement.

It will be coming to a screen close to you, during early 2017. This action packed movie focuses on various car heists and illegal street racing. As a Fast and Furious fan, you can expect the usual mind-boggling explosions, cars and tanks turning over and everything, crashes into motorcades and buildings, along with high-flying rescues.

Sadly, that level of action is also equivalent to inconvenience. Downtown parking lots will be used a lot for parking equipment and trucks. At the same time, there will be catering for actors and crews, once they come to town. Cleveland will face a lot of RTA route changes along with several road blockages and closures.

In other news, it was almost like a movie escape scenario when three men reached South Florida, being stowed away with equipment, taken from a Hollywood Blockbuster. Fast and Furious is shooting in Cuba as well. The movie producers can ship cargo here and there, as much as they want.

This includes lights, trailers, cameras, dressing rooms and the likes. However, little did they expect that three refugees would be shipping in, trying to taste the smell of freedom.  In one of the movie production trailers, three people were found stashed in.

According to a dock worker, they were at sea for three days and they reached United States of America in a trailer which was being used as an office. As the ship was being unloaded, it was normally quiet at Port Everglades. These three are presently in South Florida and they do have an amazing story to tell.

Since Fast and Furious began filming, they have been looking for strong and tall good looking people from any ethnicity in order to cast them as extras. However, right now, the crew is looking for members who look rather nerdy. Fast and Furious producers are currently preparing for the next stages of production and filming is going full-speed ahead.

After doing away with Cuba, filming will move to places like Iceland, Atlanta and we already have crew migration to Cleveland. Further rumors suggest that filming will also take place in New York City and Russia. Besides the primary actors, the production will also need various extras or doubles.

Right now, the casting director is searching for a nerdy guy based in Atlanta. They are looking for the intellectual and nerdy types in order to make them appear as Cargo Jet Techs, in the movie. They should keep their information sheets updated and prepare their best photographs.