Top Online Safety Rules For Kids To Follow, Parents and Guardians Need To Know More

These include Laptops, Computers, and Tablets, TVs equipped with the Internet, Smartphones, eReaders, Video Gaming Systems and more. At the same time, there are certain activities that kids can enjoy online without chances of any danger.

These include Arts & Crafts, Online Videos, Puzzles, Games, Education, Learning Apps, Reading, and Storybooks. However, there are ten internet or online safety rules that need to be followed by kids.

These are rules that kids and adults of all ages need to follow when it comes to online safety. Always make sure they are browsing and playing on trusted sites. Personal information should never be shared online, no matter who is asking for them. Never upload videos or photos of yourself that are accessible to strangers.

Avoid including information related to where you are currently, or where you are going. Treat others properly and refrain from bullying. Never download or click on links from an unknown source or email.

Always discuss online safety risks with your children, or ask Google if you have doubts regarding it. It is important to set limits on screen time as well. When playing online, play nicely as that reduces chances of bullying.

Do you have concerns for the safety of yourself or your children online? Stay tuned for more updates on online safety!