NHL 17 Beta Receives Mixed Emotions from Gamers, The Positive and Negative Impressions from Users, Title Set for Release Next Month

EA Sports recently released the beta version of NHL 17 online. Registrations were open from 28th July to 4th August. The game has drawn mixed emotions from hockey lovers.

The game is scheduled for a release next month, on the 13th of September. Hence everybody is excited to know about the experience of the lucky few, who have played NHL 17 Beta.

Suz guru reports that to improve the gaming experience, player-controlled progression was withheld by EA. They substituted it with classes. The four new classes which have reportedly been introduced are a jumbo playmaker, the hitting sniper, the two-way dangler, and the puck-moving a defense man, on the defensive end.

The AI of the companions seems to have enhanced in the NHL 17 beta version.

Thanks to the beta release, we now know certain aspects of the game. Recently, DESIGN&TREND shed some light on the details about the modes offered in the game. For instance, Hockey Ultimate Build, which is the most played mode in EA SPORTS NHL, gets even better this time.

It introduces an all new team building system called HUT Synergy, which is designed to challenge the way you play as you build your Ultimate Team. This means that you get to pair player strengths together and create synergy in your roster.

This all new HUT Dynamic Sets mechanic takes collecting to a new level. It imitates the biggest real world hockey moments.You also get to collect sets, which in turn unlocks rewards such as new thematic sets, which constantly helps the gamer improve and build his or her team.

Another mode that players get to experience is the EA Sports Hockey League.The NHL 17 Beta allows you to take the EA SPORTS Hockey League team to another level. You do that by building a brand and completing games, all the while levelling up the players and the team you have got to unlock customization items.

Customization of uniforms is also possible. The uniforms can be given a unique look. Also one can use the all new Arena Creator to build the Home Ice that one finds most desirable. The third mode is the Online Versus mode.

Using this mode enables gamers to play NHL 17 online in a one vs. one environment. In this feature we get to own every zone with more end-to-end control. It provides authentic goalies, possessing positional awareness as well as Reactionary Save Intelligence (RSI).

It also provides new net battles for both offensive and defensive zone play, as well as dozens of exciting new goal celebrations.

After the release of the closed beta demo, the game has set an uproar almost everywhere. This game is one of the largest pre-release demos one can find, consuming a sweet storage space of 19.2 on Xbox One.

From a visual standpoint, the game is top notch with an improved and accurate face scan for players. Not to mention that the lighting is phenomenal! The skating aspect of the game has improved drastically in the current beta version.

However a few aspects of the presentation are in need of improvement. The commentary we get from Doc Emrick and Ed Olczyk is painstakingly outdated and old. Several lines were found to be repeated from the last four versions of the game.

The introductory visual scenarios could have been better. Another feature that can be a bit distracting are the real life scenes from outside the arena.