NHL 17 Beta Receives Mixed Emotions from Gamers, The Positive and Negative Impressions from Users, Title Set for Release Next Month

On the positive side, one visible improvement in presentation is the improved fan reaction, which in some of the most distinguished places like The United Centre in Chicago, gets pretty loud.

The new menu is a bit confusing, despite having user-friendly features like the exploding card effects during pack openings and the real-life feel of Hockey Ultimate Team.

A couple of enthusiasts expressed their opinion in an online forum called HF Boards. While a majority expressed their disappointment in the open beta, a user by the name of Pierce Hawthorne conveyed his rejoice on the game having been improved.

He said that the AI is as good as it has ever been.The puck physics seem to work beautifully! He even stated that the goaltenders seem involved in the actual game play, which makes the game all the more appealing.

On the other hand, another user who was registered with the same platform commented that he was sick of this beta. He complained about the game not having much depth and a higher level of understanding. He stated that he had played the Online Versus mode four times from start to finish and was fed up already!

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