American Horror Story Season 6 Leaves Fans Speculating, Misleading Teasers, Possible Reference To Manson Murder Cases

Are you a fanatic of the anthological horror television series, American Horror Story? If so, excitement must be splurging upon you because the latest season is due to air in one month’s time, on September 14 this year.

Encircling the teaser trailer, many speculations have arisen about whether or not the upcoming season is based around the brutal murder committed by Charles Manson and his followers, that still to this date are considered as a dark shadow over American history.

Manson, 81, who is incarcerated in the California State Prison, still remains as an important subject dealing with Psychological Disorders. So it would not be very surprising  if creator of American Horror Story Ryan Murphy decided to indulge his audience in the dark actions performed by Manson and his cult, whilst obviously keeping the effects minimal.

When teasers are dropped, the fan base takes it in their hands to minutely scrutinize and familiarize themselves with any possible events, in order to connect the dots and dig up any plausible occurrences to match a story line that their thought process makes up.

So when a teaser trailer that showed a nursery and a baby’s mobile making up shadows seeming to spell “PIG” , the fans connected this to the Manson murder of a pregnant wife, Sharon Tate.

With each trailer a new connection with the Manson case was spotted, and the more clues that pointed towards the brutal murders, the more the beliefs strengthened.

While the poster may be a nightmare for the archnophobes, it was yet another connection made with the Manson murders, because reports suggest that Manson was obsessed with spiders. Coincidence? I think not.

Even one of the actors, Evan Peters, was seen sporting a Manson lookalike with beard and a rugged form to his face, when he posted a picture on Reddit.

Series creator Ryan Murphy has always shown a keen interest in portraying the Manson murder case in the American Horror Story seasons prior to the upcoming season, but also explained the difficulties he was facing to justify the same as the outcome.

Murphy even stated that even if the series turns out to be in line with the speculations, the story may or may not be loosely based on the real life events surrounding the Manson murder cases, bearing in mind the need to not showcase any disrespect to the victims in the case involved.

While everyone awaited a proper teaser for the upcoming season 6 of American Horror Story, FX CEO John Landgraf broke every fan’s aspirations after letting everyone know that Ryan Murphy and the team aren’t disclosing any of the promo before the premieres of the show, which is supposed to be on September 14 2016.

Confused about the promos that have surfaced? Landgraf stated that the American Horror Story has decided to mislead fans with short promos. It seems as though none of them, or maybe just one of them is actually the real promo…but we’ll never know that until we actually see the premieres.

Landgraf even indulged in the fact that the season 6 has a definite theme and a set time and place, but its all going to be a surprise till the very end, until the premiere finally airs.

Even with all the halts put forward to the thoughts of the fans, well, they didn’t actually stop there and the speculations and guesses have kept going.