Kris Jenner Involved In Minor Car Crash, Rob Jenner’s Unusual Snapchat Video Leaves Kris Baffled, Brewing Family Clashes in The Kardashian Household

While TV’s Reality Show Keeping Up with The Kardashians kept rolling on, it seems like luck was not on Kris Jenner’s side, who was involved in a car accident on the 3rd of August near the Calabasas intersection. Although the crash was not Kris’ fault as soon found out, it left the Toyota Prius driver homeless.

Jack Way, the other person involved in the car crash, confessed that it was indeed his fault and not Kris’. Jack, who told the media outlets he is an actor/model struggling to shape up his stance in this ever growing competitive industry, was living in his Toyota Prius before the accident. He is presently homeless trying to pick up and gather the pieces to make ends meet.

While it was evident whose fault it was, it was a situation the left Jack Way in a lot of trouble, being homeless and not even having insurance to cover the damage faced. The front of Kris’ Rolls Royce was destroyed while the side of Jack’s Toyota Prius was completely smashed inwards.

The mishap happened when Jack cut in front of Kris’ $250k Rolls Royce at the red light intersection in Calabasas. When speaking to TMZ after the crash, Jack said that he believed that regardless of whose fault it was, he knew that the one with more power was going to win at the end of the day. Furthermore, he explained that it was all an accident and no internal conspiracy, saying that he is supposedly one of the few people who like Kris.

When Kris was contacted, she explained that she was extremely glad that no one was severely injured but that she was a bit “sore and shaken”. When the news broke to her daughters and son they didn’t waste a single moment before rushing in aid of her, and were there to support her the entire time following the accident.

Although Kris has already replaced her damaged Rolls Royce the very next day, the crash left Jack homeless and even penniless, seeking help from his friends for a place to stay.

After the accident Kylie Jenner took to social media, sharing that her mother was fine and well, just a bit shaken. Although there were no serious injuries, just a broken wrist on Kris’ part, both vehicles were badly damaged.

While recovering from the sudden shock of the mishap, a Snapchat story in the form of a video from her son Rob Jenner (29) left Kris baffled and speechless. On August 8 2016, a rather unsavoury snap chat video from Rob to his mother was posted which mentioned something about shoving his private parts where they just shouldn’t go.

Kourtney Kardashian, daughter of Kris Jenner, accompanied her brother in the car while this sudden video was sent to Kris. Kourtney kept saying that there’s something very wrong with her brother.

The whole ordeal seems a bit out of the place given the fact that Rob was the one sending beautiful golden balloons with “Love You Mom” written over them after the car crash Kris was involved in.

Everyone is speculating that Rob is going through a ”dark phase”, which was evident when he deleted all his Instagram posts amidst his and his fiancée Blac Chyna’s upcoming new reality show “in crisis.”

We don’t know what sparked the sudden strange snap chat video; everything is left to speculation until further statements.