Kris Jenner Involved In Minor Car Crash, Rob Jenner’s Unusual Snapchat Video Leaves Kris Baffled, Brewing Family Clashes in The Kardashian Household

But the drama doesn’t stop there. It was reported that the “Momager” went behind her son-in-law’s (Kanye West’s) back and signed a deal with Puma for her daughter Kylie Jenner, while at the same time Kanye was negotiating a deal with Adidas.

To suggest that going behind his back left Kanye furious is an understatement. While wife, Kim Kardashian and sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian had Kanye’s back and supported his cause, and regarded the entire signing the contract with the rival of Adidas as a wrong move on Kris’ part, Kris remained un-phased about it.

It was evident that Kanye was trying to get Kylie to sign a deal with Adidas. When the Puma signing deal became public, and he found out his mother-in-law had gone behind his back, he felt betrayed, saying he was “mad for a little bit.”

Even with all the mishap and the family feuds, Kanye tweeted out to Puma that irrespective of any plausible clashes or fights, nothing can create any gaping holes in the family.

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