American Horror Story Season 6 Leaves Fans Speculating, Misleading Teasers, Possible Reference To Manson Murder Cases

Few of the small guesses are leading up to a connection between children when Ryan Murphy left a little hint that the new episodes would feature “elements of children”. When the first logo with a combination of color red and the number six was seen, an anti-Christ connection was put forth.

The entire fan base was left in an uproar when Lady Gaga teased a few details of portraying a new character in the upcoming season of American Horror Story season 6. She posted on her Instagram account from the film set, dropping some hints in her caption of her not returning in season 6 as ‘the countess’.

From ‘Croatoan’ reference to ‘The Texas Chainsaw’ massacre, speculations have kept going on and till this date remain a mystery unsolved.

It seems like all Murphy wants to achieve is a heightened anticipation, and he seems to be winning the game he is playing at. All the small pieces are left to put together to complete the puzzle. This season could be solely focused on brutal murders, anti-Christ beliefs or even several massacres.

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