Tom Holland Gets Injured On the Sets of Captain America Civil War, Two New Spider Species Are Named After the Earlier Actors of Spider-Man, And More

He further mentions that he likes the continuity of the Stark Family throughout these movies, mentioning the presence of Tony’s dad in the first Captain America film.

ComicBookMovie further speculated on his statement and mentioned that there have been a lot of rumblings going on regarding the inclusion of Iron Man in the upcoming Spider Man movie.

Now, with Watts mentioning the Stark family by name, this has certainly grown out to be a rumor that is worth noting.

Meanwhile, Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the two actors who earlier portrayed the Spider-Man role, recently entered limelight when a pair of new spider species was apparently named after them.

Considering the relatively unexplored areas, the discovery of these two species is nothing quite uncommon. noticed the particular new species named after these actors, as a result of an email from one of the co-authors of the paper.

The message indicates that the two spiders have been named Pritha garfieldi and Filistata maguirei. These new species are endemic to Iran and they were described in the open journal Arthropoda Selecta, by described by arachnologists Yuri M. Marusik (Magadan, Russia) and Alireza Zamani (Tehran, Iran).

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