Tom Holland Gets Injured On the Sets of Captain America Civil War, Two New Spider Species Are Named After the Earlier Actors of Spider-Man, And More

While filming one of the scenes of his Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland found himself unexpectedly beaten and bloodied during this summer. During an interview with Hey U Guys, he talked about the reason for his said injury. According to Holland, there was no violence, but instead it was an accident on his part.

According to him, he fell over and literally bashed his face in front of two hundred crew members; hence it wasn’t exactly a heroic moment for him. Luckily, it was just before his last shot. He explained that when the ‘Roll Cameras!’ was exclaimed, he was merely getting into position but everything went wrong right after that.

However, the take was still executed and the overall results appeared to be quite great and the crew will just have to CGI out all the blood, reported Holland.

He considers himself quite lucky as well. In case you are not aware, Tom Holland was selected to play the role of Spider Man, competing against other actors like Charlie Rowe and Asa Butterfield.

During the latter part of his interview with Hey U Guys, Tom Holland explained that he will draw inspiration from earlier Spider Man actors like Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield from The Amazing Spiderman movies.

In the end, he hopes to create his own unique version of our friendly neighborhood Spidey. It is not sure as to how big a role Holland will play in Captain America Civil War, but it has been reported that he will be siding with Iron Man during his battles against Steve Rogers.

It was reported by Heroic Hollywood in September that Spider Man will have been active for a period of one year before the events of Civil War takes place. People will get to experience Holland in his full glory as Spider Man when Civil War releases on 6th May 2016.

At the same time, he will also be reprising his role in the upcoming standalone Spider Man film, to be released by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios on 28th July 2017.

During his interview with Hey U Guys, Holland was asked whether the earlier actors of Spider Man impacted his portrayal of the upcoming Spider Man role. Holland replied that it was quite impossible to expect that they wouldn’t.

He described that they offered great, real and rich performances and there are several factors that he will definitely continue to try and recreate. According to him, the most important factor to be considered right now is making a movie which is new and exciting and obviously centered around the same character.

In the meantime, Director Jon Watts is the main-man behind Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot and he appeared to be quite excited and enthusiastic about handling the popular franchise and then rebooting it into the world of Avengers.

He revealed that there’s a lot of support in place, while working with Marvel and Sony. He never feels like he is alone in a room with a major burden of making the movie, on his shoulders.

Marvel and Sony have created a collaborative and nurturing environment where he is quite delighted to be working in. Apparently, he is maintaining quite a positive and feel-good attitude, as revealed by him during an interview with IGN. Regarding plot details, he did not reveal much information but decided to tease a rumor which has been circulating online for quite some time now.

According to it, Tony Stark will be playing Iron Man in the upcoming standalone Spider-Man movie. Watts was asked about which movie he liked the best in Marvel Cinematic Universe, to which he replied that he specifically enjoys how all the movies connect.