Tom Hiddleston Claims that This Might Be His Last Appearance in a Marvel Franchise, Unsure of His Role in The Avengers: Infinity Wars!

Doctor Doom tries to claim the hammer, but he fails and the hammer is ultimately claimed by Donald Blake, Thor’s alter-ego on Earth. Blake is eventually successful in fusing the two personas together and thereby bringing Thor back from the state of limbo and into active life.

There is the question of what happens to the hammer if something happens to Thor. There was a sequence in Avengers: Age of Ultron where the hammer couldn’t be lifted by any of the Avengers, except Captain America who could move it a little and Vision, who could easily pick it up.

Tom Hiddleston has revealed that Thor 3 will be his last appearance in the Thor franchise. He said that he has played Loki’s character for four years now and he loves working with Chris Hemsworth, but it is time to move on. Metro reported that Tom Hiddleston didn’t know if he is going to be a part of Infinity Wars.

This news has surprised the fans since if Loki appears in the film, it would mean that he would survive Thor 3.

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