Sean Penn to Be Seen in Angry Birds Alongside Demi Lovato and Blake Shelton, Josh Gad Sceptical About the Plot!

The Angry Birds Movie has surprised the audience with their latest announcement. They have gone ahead to announce only a month before the film releases that Sean Penn is going to be on board for the movie.

This has surprised the fans because the first thing that goes into making an animated film is to get the cast members in place. Hence this announcement about a new voice actor joining the caste, is a strange affair.

Cinema Blend has reported that Sean Penn’s character’s name is going to be Terence and he will be of a silent and strong type. Terence is a huge giant bird, who is way larger than the other characters in the world of the Angry Birds.The film will introduce Terence in the anger management class that is also attended by Red (Jason Sudeikis).

There is no information to show if Terence will play a larger role in Angry Bird. Given the fact that an actor like Sean Penn has agreed to lend his voice to the role, it looks like Terence will have more than a cameo role in the upcoming film. Those who have watched the trailer of the Angry Birds will remember seeing the giant red bird; this is Terence, the character that Sean Penn will bring to life.

Fans of Angry Birds will know that the big red bird is a character that is part of the game and so it makes sense that the bird will have a role in the upcoming film as well. Angry Birds will follow the story of Red, Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride).

It will show how these three are the outcasts of the island since they are not happy like the other birds. The film will show a boat full of pigs, with its leader played by Bill Hader, arrive on the island. While the other birds are welcoming of their guests, the three lead characters feel that the pigs are up to some mischief.

Since Sean Penn’s name was revealed a few days back it is not known if he is just going to make an appearance as a minor character or whether he will have a major role to play in the plot. There are rumors suggesting that Sean Penn was roped in in the very last minute since he is a brand by himself and will help the movie reach to the audience, since it has still not received much appreciation.

It is reported that Sean Penn’s character will only talk in grunts, which goes on to suggest that the film makers decided to add him later on as he doesn’t have any dialogues. On the other hand, there are fans who believe that Sean Penn’s name was kept under wrap only to be released at the very last minute so that the movie has a buzz surrounding it.

Billboard has reported that Demi Lovato is going to join in as a musician in the Angry Birds movie. She posted on her twitter account that she is going to sing for the film.

She went ahead to say that she was excited to be a part of the venture and is looking forward to watching the film in May.

Apart from Lovato, Charlie XCX and Blake Shelton are also going be a part of the film. Producer John Cohen announced that while Charlie XCX will be voicing a bird called Willow, Blake Shelton will bring one of the pigs to life.