Sean Penn to Be Seen in Angry Birds Alongside Demi Lovato and Blake Shelton, Josh Gad Sceptical About the Plot!

ET spoke to Blake Shelton about his role in Angry Birds where he revealed that he had gone to a meeting to find out more about his character, called Earl. As soon as he walked in he saw the picture of the proposed character on the big screen.

The pig had a cow boy hat on and had a tattoo of the singers face on his arm. He was a country signer with a vest, cow boy boots and of course a guitar. The moment Shelton saw this he said that he was on board for the project.

Apart from playing the role of Earl, Blake Shelton is also a part of the music team for the movie. He sang the song Friends and talked about how important it is in the plot. He went on to state that Angry Birds was a fun and exciting project and he never knew that writing a song for a film could be so much fun.

EW reported that Josh Gad has initially been sceptical of being a part of The Angry Birds Movie. Josh Gad had previously brought to life the character of Olaf from Frozen and he didn’t see the need to do a movie based on a mobile game. However, he was persuaded by John Cohen and decided to come on board.

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