The Winds of Winter: Season 6 Finishes off with Usual Cliff-Hangers, Discontent among Readers, Speculations about Possible Release Dates!

This show-book confusion is in all probability the result of the creators, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, shifting the date of the release of the seventh season, which would also be shorter.

While the official reason for this has been that there has been an increase in production value, the set pieces involved would have to be larger than those used till now, and that there is not much content remaining, it has further disgruntled the readers as well as the viewers nevertheless.

In the show front, Game of Thrones continues to lead with Emmy nominations, this year up for 23 categories, just a notch down from last year’s highest of 24, yet the concluding episode, The Winds of Winter bagging just one (Outstanding Costumes for a Period/ Fantasy Series, Limited Series or Movie) has been quite a dampener for many.

What do you think about the release of The Winds of Winter? What is your reaction to the clashes between the books and the HBO series? Who do you think are the ones dying off in the next installment? What are the events you think are going to happen?

Stay tuned for additional updates, reports and news from Essos and Westeros!