The Walking Dead Season 5 Showcase a Lot of Death, Sinister Things Happening Inside the Safe Zone, And More

These speculations are based on the fact that Aiden was not a part of the mishap, and with Tyler James William becoming a regular in a Criminal Minds spinoff, Noah’s character is likely to be taken out of The Walking Dead Season 5. William is set to portay the role of a nerdy tech analyst in the Criminal Minds spinoff. His character, Monty, works from home, helping his team while they are out chasing the criminals. His attention to detail and his mannerism helps the team search for the killer and nab him.

The promos of the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead Season 5 are dark and sinister and will make your hair rise in anticipation. We see a very scared looking Maggie heading upstairs in one of the houses in Alexandria, and we almost expect a walker to jump on her. There is a horde of walkers around the outer walls of the Safe Zone, desperately wanting to get in. The promo also shows a rather stony-faced Deanna and Carol as Abraham holds on to his gun.

With the season finale approaching, the producers are desperately trying to wrap up the storyline, which has gone a tad haywire. They are killing off all unwanted characters and ending deviating plots.

The fans can only wait and watch what’s in store for the upcoming episodes – chills or kills!