Newer Features Adorn the GoPro Hero 5, Release Date Postponed to Late 2015: Reports

GoPro Hero is presently one of the most renowned video cameras in the market. With the release of GoPro Hero 5, the company is set to increase their performance benchmark in the whole action camera scene. During 2014, GoPro achieved massive sales figures all over the world with their GoPro Hero 4. Statistics suggests that the company sold around 2.5 million units during Q4 itself. Furthermore, the company is planning to extend itself into newer areas.

They wish to do this with the GoPro channel presenting a streaming content platform, and the company wishes to link it with their camera devices. Reports indicate that GoPro has already signed up with LG Electronics Inc. and has ventured into collaboration with the Marriot Hotel Chain. GoPro is well known for its thirst for improvement and more innovation.

The company is never over-satisfied with its records and strives for more excellence. As a result, GoPro wishes to launch a successor to the Hero 4. It has high hopes for the GoPro Hero 5 and hopes on making a bigger impact. With the success of their previous releases, people are more inclined to grab hold of a video camera and produce multimedia of their own.

However, improvement requires time and attempts to upgrade the Hero 4 predecessor have been met with delays. The Fuse Joplin suggests that GoPro Hero 5 will be released this year but possibly at the very end of 2015. This comes as a major disappointment to fans who expected to get their hands on it earlier. Even then, this delay in the production of the latest GoPro iteration could actually mean good news for future buyers.

GoPro has already indicated that this next generation video camera will feature major improvements and upgrades over its predecessor. Both performance and features will be increased to a great extent. As a result, the entire project is a highly ambitious undertaking. Hence, we suggest that you cross your fingers for a while as good news will come and it will come in plenty! Considering the commercial aspect, a launch in late Q3 or early Q4 of 2015 does make a lot of sense. The launch date with coincide with the holiday season and work out favorably for the company, in monetary terms.