The Walking Dead Season 5 Showcase a Lot of Death, Sinister Things Happening Inside the Safe Zone, And More

The creators of The Walking Dead Season 5 are expected to end this season with a bang. They are unnerving the fans with the way things are headed. With Tyreese already killed off, there are a lot of speculations that many other fan-favourites are going to meet the same fate by the time this season ends.

The upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead Season 5, according to spoilers online are expected to have two characters killed off. In the 14th episode, it says that Aiden (Daniel Bonjour), Deanna’s son, is supposed to be eaten up by the walkers. He was on the run with Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and was headed to a warehouse to gather a replacement part for an equipment.

The other residents of Alexandria were accompanying the three, when they encountered the walkers. Aiden tries to shoot a walker in a riot gear from a very short distance but ends up shooting at a grenade that was on the walker’s body. Once the smoke clears off, Aiden is found with major burns.

Tara and Eugene desperately try to revive him, but fail and the poor boy is gorged upon by the walkers. Tara is also injured in the blast. She gets knocked out and bleeds from her head. Eugene, who goes unscathed, saves Tara by moving her to safety. It was expected that Eugene might end up hurting Tara, but the promos show that the opposite is likely to happen. Eugene ends up saving Tara’s life.

With one person dead, there’s another one to go and the spoilers indicate that it will sadly be Noah (Tyler James Williams).  Noah, who was a patient at the Memorial McGrady hospital, gets trapped behind a glass wall and Glenn (Steven Yeun) watches Noah’s face pressed against the wall desperately hoping to be rescued, while a walker’s fingers go inside his mouth and rips it apart.