The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Enzo’s Story Revealed, Julie Plec Worried About The Fans, And More

Sge said that Enzo, played by Michael Malarkey is going to be taken up in The Vampire Diaries Season 7. Enzo had been after Stefan, who had handed him over to the vampire hunter Trip (Colin Ferguson) and since then the two have been at war. Enzo is now after Stefan’s niece Sarah (Tristin Mays) and has somehow figured out that the girl is a Salvatore.

Plec said that The Vampire Diaries will explore Enzo’s past. There is a reason for him being so twisted and that history will be dug up now. Enzo is someone who believes in loyalty and fans still don’t know why Stefan’s betrayal of Damon is so deep rooted in his mind that he is all out to get back at Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries was popular because of the chemistry that the actors shared between them and the consequent impact they had on the viewers mind. With Elena gone, fans are not sure what will happen to her soul-mates Damon and Stefan.

The loss of main characters does impact the overall fan base of the show. It was seen in shows like 90210, and this is one fear that is in the mind of executive producer Julie Plec.

She has told fans that this is the reality of reality TV, where actors leave for other options to help their careers grow, and fans have to learn to adapt to the show they love even in their absence.